By DePaul Dimadis
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Define a class named WebPage and the following private data members type int:
1. Number of visits to the site
2. Number of messages sent to the site
3. Number of downloads from the site
The class must contain member functions for the following:
a. Enter values ​​in the private data members of the class
b. Return the value of each private data member (get_visits (), get_messages (), get_downloads () functions.
c. Show prices
The main () function:
1. define a table of objects of the class 20 positions
2. Enter data in the object table using random integer numbers in the interval [0-1000] (NOTE: Use the random number creation function of exercise 6 of the first exercise booklet)
3. will display all the contents of the table
4. find and display (using all objects in the table):
a. the total number of visits
b. the total number of messages
c. the total number of downloads