By DePaul Dimadis
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Define a class named Cylinder with the following attributes:
Private data members: radius, height (double type)
Member functions:
a. setCylinder (double, double)
b. getVolume ()
c. scaleCylinder (double factor)
d. printCylinder ()
Write the content of each function by selecting it and its type.
a. The setCylinder function is used to assign values ​​to private data members
b. The getVolume function calculates the cylinder volume (height * radius * radius * 3.141593)
c. The scaleCylinder function increases the dimensions of the cylinder by the factor factor
d. The printCylinder function displays the elements of the cylinder (radius, height)
The main () function:
1. defines two snapshots of the class
2. calculate and display the volume of each snapshot (object)
3. Increase the dimensions of the first snapshot by a factor
4. compare the new volume of the first snapshot to the second volume and display the appropriate message.