By DePaul Dimadis
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The production of a product for N production periods (N = known) is recorded in a one-dimensional table of actual positive numbers A. In each N period there are 2 shifts, daily shifts and night shifts. Write a C language program that will implement the following:
1. enter production data in the form of pairs per production period in Table A. The 1st element of each pair corresponds to daily production and the second element to night production. You must ensure that all data are positive real numbers in the [30.0, 200.0] range.
2. will then create two new tables with names H and B containing:
a. Table H quantities of daily production that are 15% higher than the average of the total daily production of N periods.
b. If LIMIT is the desired total output of N periods during the night shift, Table B will only contain those quantities of night production that constitute the surplus of the desired total night shift output.
3. It will display the data of the H and B tables.