By DePaul Dimadis
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First numbers are those who have as their true divisors themselves and the unit. THE
the Eratosthenes algorithm finds all the first numbers that are smaller or equal to a given
number N. Write a program in C language that will display all the first numbers between 1 and
1000. To find use of the Eratosthenes algorithm described below under
form of steps.
   Create a list of numbers (ie 1-N)
   Number 2 is the first but not the multiple (4,6,8 ...). Delete all multiples of 2
(ie 4,6,8, ...)
   Find the first consecutive number left in the list (i.e., 3, ...) after the ones they have
delete it, check if it's first and delete all its multiples.
   Repeat step 3 until the first unreaded number is found and the
its square is greater than N (termination condition).
   All the numbers remaining in the list are the first numbers between 2 and N.