By DePaul Dimadis
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Two single-dimensional integers are m and n respectively. The values ​​of m and n are given as fixes at the start of the program. Write a program in C language that will implement them below:

  1. Will fill the two tables with random positive integer numbers in the range 1-99, with proper use of the rand () function.
  2. It will create and display a new table that will contain all the elements of the two initials tables, each once (in the case of double, triple, etc.) in ascending order, without using the sorting process.


1st array n=5:

3 35 57 4 7845


2nd array: m=7

45 6 2 36 88 39 81


3rd  new array:

2 3 4 6 35 36 39 45 57 78...