By Thanos Stantzouris
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Create a class named course that includes information about a course curriculum. The data members of the course class will be:
    Course code (int)
    Teaching units (int)
    Course assignement grade (double)
    Percentage of the assignment for the final grade (double)
    Course's written exam grade (double)
    Percentage of the written examination for the final grade (double)

The course class will include:
    A member function named course_grade that will calculate and return the final grade of the course.

The final grade of the course (TB) is calculated by:

FinalGrade = CourseAssiGrade*AssiGradePercentage + CourseWritExGrade*WritExGradePersentage

Create a student class that includes information about a student. The data members of the student class will be:
   Registry Number (int)
   Array with N positions for all courses (select a small N value to check the correctness of the solution you propose). Each element in the array will be defined as an object of the course class.

The student class will include:
   A function called total_ECTS that returns all teaching units for courses having a final grade of >= 5.0.
   A function named running_average that returns the average score of the courses having a final grade of >= 5.0.
   The corresponding print functions print_total_ECTS, print_running_average

The course and student classes will include the necessary member functions for entering and displaying the data members they contain. Initializing the data members should be implemented using constructors.

The main() function:
    It will set an array of K positions (select a small value of K) for K students
    It will enter data in the array of objects
    It will print for each student the results of the functions print_total_ECTS and print_running_average
    It will calculate and display for all K students:
        • All teaching units for the courses with a final grade> = 5.0
        • The average grade of the courses having a final grade> = 5.0