By DePaul Dimadis
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Define a class named OilTank with the following private data members:
    Tank Code (int)
    Tank capacity in liters (int)
    Container content in liters (content must be less than or equal to tank capacity - control required to meet this limitation)

The class must contain:
    A default constructor that will initialize class members - data
    A constructor with three parameters for inputting values to class-members
    A member function that will increase or decrease the contents of the tank by an amount (int type), positive or negative, respectively.
When increasing or decreasing the content, the necessary checks should be made so that the content does not exceed the capacity or the content becomes less than zero, respectively.

In the main() function:
    1. Define a 10 position array of objects
    2. Input data into the array using constructor
    3. Display the contents of the array
    4. Increase or decrease the content of each table object by one amount imported with the cin command
    5. Re-display the contents of the array.