By DePaul Dimadis
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Define a class named Vehicle_Service with the following private data members:

    1. Vehicle registration number (int type)

    2. Working hours (double type) needed to repair the vehicle

    3. Cost of spare parts required for repair

    4. Total repair cost (double type)

The class must contain member functions for the following:

    1. Entering values in private data members of class

    2. Returning the value of each private data member (get_number(), get_hours (), get_parts_cost(), get_total_cost()

    3. Printing out the private members

    The main () function:

    1. Defines an array of 10 class objects
    2. Will enter data in the object array
    3. It will display all the contents of the array
    4. Find and display (using all objects in the array):
       a. The total number of working hours
       b. The total cost of spare parts
       c. The total repair cost